Pattaya Dive Training with Mermaids Dive Center 5 Star PADI CDC

Pattaya Dive Training

Pattaya dive training with Mermaids Dive Center. Now we feature 2 locations in Pattaya – one in Jomtien Beach and one on Pattaya Beach Road and a new dive shop in Bangkok at Amarin Plaza.

Only 90 km from new Bangkok airport, which makes it very convenient for a weekend away as a diving destination, for taking your dive course or just a dive holiday.

Here at Mermaids we are able to offer you a long list of PADI recreational and technical courses, including our signature Dive Internship training from the beginner through to the highest levels as an Open Water Instructor. We teach all PADI TecRec courses at your dive center in Pattaya

Whether you are a beginner or professional, we ensure that the courses are built around you and your learning needs.

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Multilingual PADI Training Courses

Pattaya Dive TrainingWe speak your Language! Our instructors speak and teach many languages, including Thai, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Danish and more.

Dive Training materials and videos available in 5 different languages. Our multilingual instructors are second to none, with their combined expertise, we are able to offer the most complete diver training programs available.

From the once a year vacation diver to Advanced Technical Diver, Pattaya dive training provide the variety, experience, and quality you need to get the most enjoyment and safety out of your diving.

Learn Technical Diving With Us

Dive Training in PattayaWe are located within short distance of four major steel shipwrecks, the Hardeep, the HTMS Khram, HTMS Kut and the Petchburi Bremen, as well as numerous coral sites. The diving here is consistent all year round, with 5-15 meters visibility. It is an ideal place for your dive training.

We offer all facilities for all technical training as well as diving, whether it be recreational or professional courses or diving.

TecRecLogoPADIIn our main shop, Mermaids Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand we have a full gas filling station that allows for all EANX as well as Helium fills, regardless of mix and level required. We can even teach you how to use this with proper certification, all the way to Tri-Mix.

In addition to this, we have several fully serviced Technical Equipment sets (serviced after every use), so that you don’t have to bring your own, but if you want to, you can then just set up on our twins.